Dangerous Road Defects that Are a Threat to You

While uneven roads with potholes or roads with little to no shoulder are often recognized as inconvenient to drive on, the reality is that they can also be extremely dangerous to motorists. As such, any road defects that impair safety and put drivers in danger should be repaired by the local municipal entity responsible for maintaining that road. Unfortunately, as our lawyers at Ravid & Associates, P.C. know, many roads in Michigan do not get the repairs they need, endangering innocent and unsuspecting drivers like you.

Common and Dangerous Road Defects

There are many ways that roads can become damaged, through accidents or even just normal wear and tear. But when the necessary repairs to fix this damage are not done, the roads can develop more serious defects, such as:

  • Shoulder Drop-Offs
  • Potholes
  • Uneven Pavement

Unfortunately, these and other road defects can easily cause a devastating accident. Should a construction company or municipal entity act negligently in building, maintaining, or reconstructing the road and you suffer injury as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Detroit

If you or someone you love has suffered harm or expense because of a road defect, then you could be due financial compensation. Our attorneys at Ravid & Associates, P.C. can help you understand your options in such a situation and possibly begin taking the first steps. Find out how we can help you today by calling (248) 948-9696.